Bespoke Mental Health Strategy

Personal Sessions and Groups

Reporting on your employee wellbeing


Bespoke Mental Health Strategy

Mental health is commonly perceived as something only a few people have. However all humans have minds and therefore varing degrees of mental wellness. It's the same as physical health; somtimes we are in tip top condition, other times we break our leg, and every now and then we may get a cold and feel a little run down. Mental health is the same, its always with us and it always fluctuates through the course of our lives.

Having a mental health strategy in your organisation communicates the need for all employees to look after their mental health no matter what state its currently in. Creating an open and supportive approach to mental health is crucial to achieving a happy and thriving workforce

However accomplishing this is no easy feat. Business owners and employees can not be expected to be experts in mental health let alone creating a positive organisational culture around it. Which is where Intrinsic OT is happy to help. With experts in looking after mental health and promoting open and honest discussions.

Each business is unique and you know yours best. To discuss exactly how Intrinsic OT could support your business get in touch.

Personal sessions and groups

Personal Sessions

With Intrinsic OT each of your employees would have in-house Occupational Therapy assessments where the OT and employee jointly discuss where their mental health currently is. The OT then designs a tailored action plan for that individual to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing.

However we don't then simply send the individual away and expect their mental health to be any different. We provide continued personal sessions every month over a 12 month period providing tailored in house therapy. With this hands on approach we help those who are struggling but also ensure all employees remain well. Studies have shown a positive return on investment when employers help staff who are struggling, but by far the biggest return on investment is preventing those employees getting poor mental health in the first place.






Along side personal sessions an OT can also provide group work. In-house session can include managing stress, anxiety, low mood or even to discuss how food effects our mood. As well as practice skills such as interpersonal skills, assertiveness and managing confrontation. And again these session would be tailor made with your employees and their needs in mind.

Group work not only helps employees gain better knowledge around mental health, and looking after theirs, but also produces that open atmosphere where its safe to discuss and employees can support each other. This is where that organisational mental health strategy comes into it own and recruitment and retention thrive because of it. Who wouldn't want to work in an environment where their employer places so much value on their staff mental wellbeing.


Reporting on your employee wellbeing

So, your employees have been receiving our Occupational Therapy service. What is key now is communicating what effect this is having on your staff.

All assessments and personal sessions are completely confidential. So Intrinsic OT complete additional reports to show how all your employees are benefiting form the service.

For example a report will be written after the initial assessments with statistics such as how many of your employees have experience low mood, anxiety, stress. With further reports measuring the success of the programme. In this way you can see your investment in action. As Occupational Therapy is a scientific profession you can be assured all therapy is evidence based and measurable.





Next Steps...

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business thrive get in touch. We'd be happy speak with you about your wellbeing needs.