Even superheroes need to look after their mental health

He has portrayed some of the best known strongmen in the world of film, with the likes of John McClane, Harry Stamper and Frank Moses on his CV.

And I was surprised while watching Glass at the cinema to hear Bruce Willis, playing David Dunn, a superhero-type figure in this film,say he would take a ‘mental health day’.

Now don’t get me wrong, taking a mental health day is no longer something to be surprised about, as it is widely accepted we need to look after our own mental health.

But to hear it from a renowned Hollywood strongman who, in this film, is built up as indestructible and resilient did take me aback.

It flies in the face of this type of character.According to the Time to Change campaign, 63% of UK workers have experience poor mental health at some point during their careers.

I have no doubt there are still some who feel we need to push through these difficulties and not let it get you down – the ‘strongman’or ‘strongwoman’ approach.

Well if the superhero David Dunn can acknowledge his ‘work’,being a vigilante, causes stress that requires a mental health day, I think the same can be applied to the majority of UK workers.

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