Bespoke Mental Health Strategy

UK employers lose up to £1,481 per staff member per year from poor mental health. Intrinsic OT improves and maintains employee mental health by offering tailored programmes, recouping lost revenue.

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Personal session and groups

Intrisnic OT understands that a one size fits all solution is ineffective. This is why we provide 1:1 assessments to fully understand an individual's workplace difficulties and implement the most effective treatment plan.

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Reporting on your employee wellbeing

Seeing your investment in action is a top priority for us, which is why we regularly report on the progress of your workforce and the improvements they have made while working with our Occupational Therapists.

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Our business is helping your company to thrive

As a business owner you are dedicated to the success of your business, yet latest estimates show companies are losing up to £1,481 per employee per year because of poor mental health.

This lost revenue is not just down to staff absence. 'Presenteeism', when a staff member is at work but not operating at full capacity, is responsible for the bulk of lost earnings, while staff retention and subsequent interviews and adverts all have an impact.

There are lots of employee wellbeing services available today, but very few specialising in proactive mental health support...and none using Occupational Therapy, which helps individuals perform at their full potential by reducing the impact of illness.

Our solution...

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